The Language activities are designed to develop the child’s ability to communicate through spoken language to explore the sound/symbol relationship.



Hands on mathematics exercises explore ways in which quantities are related by identifying number symbols and associating them to quantities and by exploring similarities and differences between quantities. The work progresses from concrete to abstract using manipulative materials.

Practical life

The objectives of practical life exercises are to help the child strengthen concentration and coordinated movement. These exercises enable the child to adapt to his environment and establish independence.


These activities are designed to help the child become aware of and appreciate the diversity of the world. By examining the human, plant, and animal world, the child gains exposure to the life that surrounds them. The child is taught a respect for taking care of his environment.


The sensorial material helps the child to develop order and clarity in thinking. They include activities to aid the child in classification, comparison, and contrast of size, weight, shape, texture, color, etc.


Music and Movement

Music and Movement encourages social development, relaxation, and participation and helps the child to develop memory, retention, recollection.

Physical Education

Physical education sessions stimulate physical development and promote mental and physical wellness while helping the child to build social skills through social interaction.

Manipulative Toys and Puzzles

Manipulative Toys and Puzzles help the child to build perseverance, problem solving skills, language and math skills, encourages orderliness, and builds respect for others through cooperation while developing the self-image.

Art & Craft

Art & Crafts sessions foster creativity, encourages self- expression, releases tension, and builds self-concept.